Sunday, October 16, 2011

truth light

no one knows you like your best friend.  there are many things that go unspoken and are just simply understood when being in the company of a best friend.

69 days separated me and my best friend from being with one another in person.  This is what followed:

spinning in circles in the parking lot. closing the door and sitting on the floor with the "truth light" in between us. speaking truth. laughing. remembering. dreaming. encouraging. and not speaking at all, just, BEING.

i'm so thankful for my best friend and for his heart and his new wife and the beautiful beacon of hope and light that Chirst shines through their marriage.

i'm so thankful for my other best friends that are 'newer' (over the past 4 years) and that the Lord has blessed me with.  we all celebrated love as one of our brother's was married off this weekend.  it was a weekend of joy, remembering, laughing, and best of all being brothers.  praise the Lord for the truth that was spoken and for the love that was shown.  my heart is full.  i am blessed.