Thursday, February 2, 2012

i'm happiest when i allow myself to feel.

i love noticing things. i usually try to enjoy the little moments. and revel in the things that go unmentioned. the feelings. thoughts. emotions. vibes of every moment paint the world with its beauty.

let me paint the picture that i'm living at the moment.

i'm in a building named after our college president. the rhythm of my childhood (90's music) runnin through the speakers.  my coworker just hung his "razor" scooter that he road to work up on the coat rack. no coats are hung there because of the big ball of heat in the air. its radiance shinning through the window soaks into my skin. i found an empty bag of starbucks coffee- that is good for one free coffee tonight.  the faint smell from the coffee still permeates the air.  a picture of a cat, in a raft, on the ocean that was colored from a book is staring from the cubicle beside me.  the living word is at my side.  open it and "taste and see that the Lord is good."

Oh, so good.