Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mountain Lake.

Today we went out to Mountain Lake... so of course I decided to go for a swim! The water on mountains isn't much over freezing, but no one relayed this "BREATHTAKING" information to me. So I sprinted and dove in... and before I realized it I'm kicking and flailing my way to the surface trying to get air. Before I dove in my lungs were full of oxygen, as soon as I hit the Artic water it all disappeared. It was like a magic trick...
But after the first time in I was golden. The old lungs became immune and I could swim for days in that pool of ice. As you can tell it was probably the most beautiful place I've ever swam in. It was tucked in the mountains by a beautiful little town. There were people out paddle boating, and kids playing by the shore. They had a very nice sand volleyball court right by the water. We broke up into 4 teams and started a tournament. It was a blast.
I can't seem to stop taking pictures of mountains. Even though they are everywhere, I find myself not getting over how beautiful they are. I have Chris Tomlin's song Indescribable playing on my ipod most of the time that we are driving on the coach. It's a side of creation that I've never seen. I stare sometimes for minutes on end because all I can think about is how beautiful God is.
Chris and I took a little adventure today to get a few photo's and then postcards. We went and took photo's first and then walked into town. After walking 3 miles into town we found out at 6:16 that all the shops in Austria close at 6:00. Joyfully... ha... we walked 2 miles back to our hotel only saying a few sentences to each other. When we were almost back we started laughing and said How can we be upset that Austrian store owners aren't concerned with being at their shops to sell stuff to more customers as much as they are concerned with getting back to their families to eat dinner with them. Walking 5 miles or not... I can't be mad because they have their priorities right.
Chris caught me trying to pick up this mountain so I could take it back to my parents house and put it in their backyard for them... Maybe one day Pop's!

Miss and Love you all. Namaste.


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  1. Man, I'm glad you can't stop taking pictures of mountains. The photos are beautiful, Trav. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you're doing what you're doing and having a great time. God bless you, brother. I can't wait to hang again. Love you bro