Wednesday, May 18, 2011

an onion of a relationship

So the other day I was talking with my Dad and telling him about all of the vegetables I like while we were dreaming up our garden for the summer- that is if it ever stops raining so we can plant it!  I came to the conclusion I really enjoy eating every vegetable raw except onions.  I still have not became the biggest fan of onion.  My relationship with onions is kind of complicated- let's say layered :]-  I know it has it's role mixed in to many dishes, but still a raw onion is low on my list.

Then it happened.  The old saying be careful what you wish for came true.  A lovely witch doctor lady that works with my dad heard that I was fighting off the final stages of walking pneumonia.  She told my dad that I needed to boil an onion, cut it in half, then put it in my socks so it pressed against the bottom of my feet while I was sleeping.  Then it was supposed to draw all the mucus out of my body.

Well, I was sick of being sick, and so it was time to face my fears.  I pulled a raw onion out of the fridge and popped it into boiling water.  After 10 minutes I pulled it out, cut it in half, and plopped it into my socks.

I laid there laughing for a second then fell asleep.  An hour later I woke up sweating profusely and fell right back asleep until morning.   Morning came and I could have swore it was Christmas!  I was free of congestion!  It was the first time in a month.  Needless to say I have a new level of respect for onions... they're going to make it into the garden this year :)

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