Saturday, June 4, 2011

stengthened in our differences

Sometimes differences in thought or action frustrate us and at other times they inspire us.  It has been said that a person's best quality is also their worst quality.. which I believe to be true.  A simple way to explain my point is someone who asks a lot of questions can be a very engaging and welcoming person.  They can make group situations easier and can make everyone feel more comfortable.  Then there are the moments when the questions become overwhelming or annoying because you're exhausted and have been driving for 8 hours or you're trying to focus on another project... etc. etc.  After you have known someone for years there is honestly times when you see their "best" quality only played out as their "worst" quality.

When we start to look at differences between various peoples thoughts and actions through the same lens as being a best/worst quality we lose the romance or our first love or appreciation for diversity because we begin to think of it only with negative connotations. Sometimes I feel this way in my thought process about faith and Christianity... almost like their has to be some sort of mold that each person fits.  Then I realize that the church universal is what makes up the body of Christ and that each of us are a piece of this beautiful body.  We are not all the entire body ourselves or even hands, arms, or shoulders but rather a finger on the hand or a tendon in the shoulder.  This thought excites me for one simple reason: I need brothers and sisters on my journey.  I'm not alone- I'm never going to be alone.  We have the freedom to interrelate within, among and between the vast differentiated multitude that we are. We are united in our individual uniqueness; we are alive in our diversity, we are strengthened by our differences.

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