Thursday, July 14, 2011

close call.

An endless supply of love songs flood the radio... my claim as a 'He-man-woman-hater' weakens when I soon realize I am a hopeless romantic that sympathizes with each song.  My mind slips off and before I know it I'm walking hand and hand through the prairie, placing a flower behind her ear.

Oh no! This is not good.  Ah, I know just the thing: Bob Dylan, "It Ain't Me Babe."  As the song spins on my ipod my heartbeat slows and my sanity returns.  The sign over my heart has once again been put up: 'NO GIRLS ALLOWED.'


  1. you're a lover at heart, trav. someday soon a girl is going to tear down that sign of yours, and you're never going to be able to put it back up :)

  2. hahaha Amy this question might seem irrelevant but I just have to ask: Can God create a rock too big that He couldn't even move it Himself? :] {I have to admit though you and Chris give me hope for true love.}

  3. Becareful T.Po, I believe a sweet friend of mine whose name rhymes with Sylee (you may know her) had a big "no boys allowed" sign over her heart and that's when God chose to introduce her to her now hubby ;)