Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If I were a bird I'd fly.  If I were the sun I'd shine.  If I were a pencil I'd write.  If I were a book I'd tell a story.  If I were coffee I'd DEFINITELY be bold and robust- and leave a hint of blueberry on the palette.

I love truth and facts.

"Nobody wants wrinkles."

Sit and listen my child, let me tell you how this story began.  Look at the wrinkles on his face.  Can you tell the difference?  That one on the corner of his mouth is from laughing and that one on his forehead is from... well... from you.  That wrinkle has grown with the love he has for you.  You don't know of the sacrifices that are inside of that wrinkle.  You don't know of the sleepless nights and early morning prayers that formed it's walls.

Yes, you're right. It may not fit your formula but remember, there's more to the truth than just the facts.

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