Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Belgium Waffles and everything in between.

Here's a picture of the beautiful church I was talking about in a post earlier this week. It's absolutely amazing. This picture of Kyle and I with the tractor is the highlight of my week. Today I was really struggling with missing being out in the fields and being around tractors... and what do ya know, God blesses me with the smell of Ammonium Sulfate. We went to a fertilizer distributing plant on the Baltic port here in Klaipeda. We got off the bus and tears of joy started welling up in my eyes. I walked into the warehouse and there in front of me was a tractor and tons, literally thousands of tons of Ammonium Sulfate.The feeling that came over me could be likened to a child finding his long lost puppy. Really though, it was quite refreshing. Oh how I miss Ohio and my "corn poppin up in rows". It is funny how much it lifted my spirits to be around those smells and sights.

The beautiful picture below, of the sky, was taken last night. Chris and I were studying for our exam and all the sudden about 9:30 (yes 9:30 at night, it stays light until like stinkin 11 o'clock!) the clouds split and this beautiful array of colors filled the sky. This photo reminds me of how beautiful and passionate God is. It almost put me in a state of trembling and awe that a God of such magnitude could love me, a fallen man that has let him down time and time again.
I went to the market and decided I wasn't going to be hungry for once in my life over here. Some may say I went a little overboard, I say I'm evolving into a camel/cow like behavior, way of thinking. Yup. I'm going to store it inside of me, somewhere, somehow. Ya it's a new theory I'm coming up with. It's almost like the idea of natural selection I believe... I'm not positive, it's something I'm working on.

Tomorrow we are heading to Russia. To be completely honest it's bitter sweet. I have come to love Lithuania and actually grown accustom to the way they do some things. At the same time I know it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Russia. I'm only the second Powers ever to go to Russia. The first one to ever step foot in Russia was actually a pilot of a U2 spy plane, and he got shot down.. Ya I know pretty bad action. He survived and eventually got sent back to America. Crazy. I feel like a pandsy compared to that... nevertheless I shall go, and I shall conquer. Conquer what you ask? I'm not sure.. but in remembrance of my great uncle, it will be something for the Powers name. Whether that be a Russian waffle, wait that's a Belgium Waffle. Well it'll be something. I'll let you know.

Lithuania was amazing. I've learned a lot here. God has put passion in my life for a lot of things that I can't explain right now. But I'm excited. Be blessed. I miss and love you all.



  1. Trav,

    The 9pm sunset is incredible. Great job. I absolutely love reading your posts. I seriously look forward to them everyday. When I'm at work, around my lunch break, I get on the computer there and check to see if you've written anything. I miss you so much brother. I can't wait to see you again and talk eachother's ears off. I love you mang. God bless you and absolutely everything you say and do out there. He's really taking you on a great journey and I'm so glad and proud to see that you're doing your best to really take in everything He's setting in front of you. Be well.


  2. Trav this is an awesome blog, you are a gifted writer/storyteller!

  3. I know I'm your best friend and should probably have a lot to say about your blogs but all I keep thinking is.... 'Incredible'! And I mean that in a way that only the proudest best friend could say it :) I love you and miss you like crazy!

    p.s.- "Spent 28 dollars last night at the county fair, I throwed out my shoulder but I won 'er that teddy bear' ;)