Monday, May 24, 2010

Dreamin of Big Mac's and LARGE Coke's.

So I decided today that I'm done being dehydrated everyday of my life in Europe. Wow. I don't know how these people do it, they drink less liquid then a 4 yr old child catching rain drops with their mouth. I can't do it. I'm sorry, I'm a greedy American water drinking glutton.

I derived a plan today. I snuck into the teachers lounge at the local college we're staying at and found an old Michigan State Coffee mug. I quickly asked for forgiveness from my OSU forefathers and snatched the mug. I found a small water dispenser, sang praises to the heavens, filled it with water, and inhaled it. 3 times over. Then I decided that I would borrow it for the rest of my stay in Lithuania so I could drink coffee out of it in the mornings as well. Don't get me started on the coffee cups over here. Wow I think I would get more coffee if i filled up my cereal spoon and drank it.

That leads me to the food portion size. My oh my, if anyone wants to lose weight, just come live in Lithuania for a month. I've ate more salads in a week here then I have in my whole life. Now it's all making sense, they eat salad to hydrate themselves! Ohhh. Thank God for salads! But seriously mom your dreams have come true, I am a vegetable eating machine!
The guy in the picture with me above is named Chris. He's from Cali... He's pretty tight. So we decided to go to the mall/market together tonight so we could eat and pick up a few things. I of course needed another carry-on so I could make the weight limit with my luggage when we fly out of Russia in a couple weeks. Our luggage has to be no more than 44 pounds and if you read my blog earlier this week you would understand why I want to take care of this issue now. Anyway, Chris and I sit down at the restaurant and order our drinks. Of course I get a coke because I've been deprived of pop, so if we're out and about I never pass the opportunity for a nice lukewarm coke. (They serve all there beverages "chilled", aka lukewarm.) So they bring out my 4 milliliters of Coke and we order our food.

When the food comes out, on the side of the plate there was two giant cloves of garlic. Chris quickly pulls them off the plate and says, "dude, I'm saving these. We gotta eat them after our meal." I said are you serious. He said, ya. you won't do it. So obviously I scarf down my food b/c I'm so hungry (with no snacks in between meals and all salads you eat anything that is in front of you and fast). I drink my coke in one gulp and look up at Chris.

It's time. We counted to 3 and threw them into our mouth. O my I'm an idiot. Why, oh why do I do this kind of stuff to myself. Needless to say Chris and I cause a scene screaming like little school girls all the way to the Wash Closet, aka bathroom. I put my mouth under the facet and let the water run for 5 minutes. We walked around the mall pushing people out of the way with our breath. It was nothing short of the power that came when Moses parted the Red Sea. Okay, I don't want to blaspheme but you get the point.

I hope you all know Europe is not a bad place at all. I'm just being dramatic. I actually love a lot of parts about Europe. This has been an incredible experience thus far and I am so blessed to have this opportunity. The food is a lot different, but it is really cool to experience all of this. I do however still have dreams at night of Big Mac's and LARGE Coke's. I miss and love you all.



  1. aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahha! nice moses analogy. don't get sick from the water... f.y.i.

  2. I don't think I could do it, eating so many salads. I think I'd probably have to start eating little Luthuanian children. haha I love you man. I love that dragon bench thing. That is awesome. I can't wait til I get my camera and can start putting up photos of Mo-mexico. Love you brother